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Well, spring is almost here and it’s that time to freshen up the house.   We can start with the inside since Mother Nature does have the last word for a while yet.


This is the perfect time to look at what needs to be cleaned and what needs more serious attention.  The best way to approach this task is to take it one room at a time.  Have a look at the walls and see if they need a fresh coat of paint and/or a change of color.  Is the flooring in good shape or does the carpet need a good steam cleaning???  Shampooing the carpets leaves a residue that works its way back up to the surface and that’s what makes it look dirty more quickly.  A good steam cleaning works wonders.  If the carpet is worn, it could be time for a new one or possibly something different such as hardwood, tile, cork or leather.  There are so many beautiful flooring choices now.  Are the seals on your windows damaged or are the window frames needing some t l c???  The same goes for the tile in your bathrooms.  Make sure the grout is not cracked or breaking away from your vanity.  If this is the case, adding a bead of silicone on the vanity will clean that up nicely and getting the grout replaced in the tub/shower area will prevent more serious damage and expense down the road.


If your home is just not exciting you anymore, then it might be time to call in a designer for a quick consultation to provide you with some ideas and a plan to work towards.  You don’t need to call in the “big guns” and gut the house but you might just need a different set of eyes to see what the potential is.  Then you have better tools to turn it into something you’re proud of again.


Spring is all about new beginnings so let your house bloom into something beautiful to come home to.

This month I thought I’d touch base on furniture and what to look for when you’re shopping for those special pieces.  There is so much choice available to us that it can become overwhelming to make the right choice.  Style, comfort, durability, fit and of course, price.  There was a time when you could go into a store and feel that you were getting good quality for your well-earned money.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case today.  Because so many manufacturers are getting their furnishings made over seas, once they reach our shores and have to adjust again to our climate here in Calgary, well let’s just say that we’re not the only ones suffering from dryness.  Be sure to find out where the furniture was made.  I have been informed that some manufacturers of upholstered goods that carry the “made in the US” label have actually been partially constructed in China.  Frames are created there and then sent to the US for upholstery.  The same goes for case goods such as dining room sets or bedroom sets.  You might have experienced drying or cracking on a tabletop or creaking and squeaking when you sit on your sofa/chair.  This happens when the wood the items was made out of haven’t had a chance to properly acclimatize. When purchasing upholstered goods, look for fabrics that will perform well; look at the seams to make sure they will hold and are sewn properly; make sure the patterns match right down to the base.  Good quality foam in the seats and backs is important not only for comfort but for durability. Eight way hand tied frames will stand the test of time.  Obviously you will pay more for that type of quality but then it will last longer and feel more comfortable.  When your furniture has “good bones” it also gives you the option to recover it if you tire of the color or style.  But then, you can always pass it on to the kids when they move out, right???

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