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Testimonials - Caroll-Ann Interiors


Bernadette Thibault

I have known Caroll-Ann Bainbridge since 2004. I was the Customer Liaison in Canmore for Morrison Homes and Caroll-Ann was on contract to assist Morrison’s customers .

We worked together to offer customers the Morrison’s high level of customer service. The price level of homes ranged from 1 to 2 million and all were professional clients from England, Germany, Ontario and Alberta. Many selections were at arm’s length and all met with customer satisfaction. The customers were always enthusiastic and satisfied to have the priviledge of Caroll-Ann’s knowledge and experience with suppliers and trades to achieve their anticipated results as selected. Caroll-Ann did not impose her choices but guided the customers to achieve their expectations. Caroll-Ann works well unsupervised but also coordinates for a team achievement of satisfaction.


Ambiance Coatings & Finishes Inc.

We have had the opportunity to work alongside Caroll-Ann on numerous projects. Caroll-Ann is always very pleasant and upbeat in her demeanor and always available for consultation which made the flow of communication very smooth and productive.

Our experience in working with Caroll-Ann has always been completely positive even when elements of any given project may have taken an unexpected turn. If any issues arose, they were met with prompt communication, collaborative and decisive consultation resulting in sound direction being provided which was easily implemented and the project was back on track.

Generally speaking, our team is one of the last on a project. This gives us ample time to interact with clientele and hear their thoughts about how their project has turned out. So far, we have only met one type of client on Caroll-Ann’s projects… satisfied ones.

We look forward to many projects to come.


Kelli Long, client

Caroll-Ann is excellent to work with. Great ideas and eye for for detail, her years of experience are a huge asset in taking concept to reality and providing alternatives ideas where it makes more sense. Her input into our kitchen design was invaluable and the changes made to the original design gave us a room that is far more functional. She also provided excellent advice on product selection and we could not be happier with the finished product.


Shelley Nixon, client

Caroll-Ann provided fantastic design suggestions, always considering my personal preference, style, and cost. The contractors she engaged were professional, detail-oriented and accountable for their work every step of the way! Caroll-Ann’s responses are timely, pragmatic and thoughtful and I would definitely work with her again when I have a design project in mind (big or small)!


Bob & Charlene, clients

Caroll-Ann, we just wanted to thank you again for all the help and support you provided throughout our renovation. We knew what style we wanted but had no idea on how to achieve it. With all the hundreds of products to choose from, we were overwhelmed on how to put it all together. This is where you provided such a valuable service. You took the time to listen and understand what style we wanted and then were able to select products from that style and walk us through the process step-by-step, including explaining why certain things would work together and why some wouldn’t. By doing this, you reduced our stress load immensely. The process you used of putting together a palette of selections that gave us a number of combination choices worked extremely well and made the selection process very efficient. Throughout the one year renovation project, you were always there to support us and in the end we absolutely love the renovation and have had many compliments on the design selections. We would have no problem recommending your work and support to others. Thanks again


Deborah Tod, client

I have been working with Caroll-Ann for many years. Over this time we renovated every room in the house. Caroll-Ann has helped us with all aspects of our renovations from selecting and recovering furniture, framing pictures to designing a new bathroom. We have always been extremely pleased with the results and would highly recommend her for any project – big or small!


Clayton Evert, Contractor

I want to say a few words about a lady that, in my mind, should be wearing a Super Woman cape. Caroll-Ann and I have been working together on one of my jobs for a few months now. When we initially started this process, I thought, well, this will be nice. Finally, I can get pulled away from the design choices and get a bit of work done. What I didn’t realize was that it wasn’t only the design choices I was getting help with. Caroll-Ann played a big part in helping with the layout of the space, the kitchen design and function, but also part labourer. She was not only ordering the materials for me but picking them up and dropping them to the site. The biggest help was while I was away, she was watching over the quartz installation to make sure that it all went smoothly and of course, when you’re away, everything “goes exactly to plan”. Not this time. I had received a call from the installers as we were trying to leave for the airport with the kids…perfect timing. They were telling me that there were some cabinets that needed to be moved so they could continue working but, due to liability issues, they couldn’t do so. In the haste of travel, I very calmly told them they were my cabinets, to move them and finish the job. They couldn’t do so. As far as I knew, the job wasn’t done. This is where the cape comes in. Caroll-Ann rolled up her sleeves, told them to get out of the way and she moved the cabinets so the job could be finished. You’ve gone above and beyond of what I was expecting, so Caroll-Ann, thank you so much for everything. It has been an absolute pleasure and I’m looking forward to the next one


Susan Ruf, client

Caroll-Ann’s creativity, customer-focus and network of connections helped me transform a bare-bones condo into a warm, inviting living space that is a blend of both comfort and style. I couldn’t be more pleased!

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